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Christopher J. Winters - Principal

Christopher J. Winters is based in the Los Angeles office of Winters & Co. Advisors, LLC.  Prior to the inception of Winters & Co. Advisors, LLC in March of 2001, he was a founding partner at Feld Winters Financial Inc. in Sherman Oaks, California.  Chris Winters has been continuously employed in the municipal finance industry since 1985...


Chris Winters has been responsible for the successful completion of hundreds of transactions.  These include bond proceeds investments of all types including construction and project funds, reserve funds and revenue funds.  The products utilized include investment agreements, forward delivery agreements and repurchase agreements.  Many of these completed financings include unique, creative or innovative structures, which resulted in significant benefit to the municipal clients. 

Chris Winters brings 26 years of experience in competitively bidding interest rate risk management products, and is a past member of the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).


Chris earned a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Business Administration (Economics) from the University of Florida and was a member of the economics honors society.